11 Reasons Expensive Soccer Cleats Are Worth It

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If you’re looking to buy new soccer cleats, you will have noticed that there is a huge price difference between the most expensive cleats and the cheapest. And if you’re going to spend your money on the most expensive cleats, you want to know that they are going to be worth it. I want to take the time to explain to you why they are.

Expensive soccer cleats are worth it because they are made using the highest quality materials and techniques. This extra quality enables the soccer player who is wearing the cleats to perform at a higher level than is possible with lower-quality soccer cleats.

This doesn’t automatically mean you should go out and find some of the most expensive soccer cleats that you can (although if that is what you’re looking for, these ones on soccer.com are by far the best ones out there in my opinion, and also in the opinion of over 280 people who have given them a 5-star rating.).

My advice would be to purchase the most expensive ones you can afford. Work out what your budget is and get the best ones.

In this article, I want to briefly explain to you how expensive soccer cleats make a difference before taking you through the 11 reasons why they are worth it and then give you my recommendations for the best soccer cleats you can buy in 3 different categories – budget, mid-range, and highest quality.

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Expensive Soccer Cleats Really Do Make a Difference

Expensive soccer cleats do make a positive difference for a soccer player. They provide more comfort, stability, and durability than other cleats.

But you may be trying to understand why these soccer cleats are so expensive compared to others.

High-end soccer cleats are expensive because they are made using the highest quality materials available to the manufacturer and are constructed using the most advanced processes in the industry.

Both these factors are expensive, adding to the overall cost of the cleats, but they also add quality to the product, which provides a positive difference for the soccer player who is wearing the cleats.

Using a higher quality product for anything will usually produce a better result.

Products that have been given more time and attention and are made with higher quality materials will do the job better, whatever the “job” is.

This fact is as true for soccer cleats as it is for anything else.

Soccer cleats made of better materials will produce a better result for the wearer as well as last longer and simply look better.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why expensive soccer cleats are worth it.

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The 11 Reasons Expensive Soccer Cleats Are Worth It

1. They fit better

reason 1 soccer cleat image

The first reason that expensive soccer cleats are worth it is that they provide a better fit.

Most of the high-end soccer cleats available have used incredibly advanced processes to ensure their soccer cleats fit the player’s foot as perfectly as possible.

A combination of the choice of material, as well as the intricate design of the shape, enable these soccer cleats to fit as snugly as they can.

The cheaper soccer cleats are designed to have a more generic shape.

They will fit most people just fine, but there is more room for the player’s foot to slip around and move in a way that is not helpful to the wearer of the shoe, especially when out on the soccer field.

2. They give better control of the ball

reason 2 soccer cleat image

A more expensive soccer cleat will be designed in a way that allows maximum control of the ball.

If you look at some top-of-the-range soccer cleats, such as the Adidas Predator 20+, which you can see here on soccer.com, you will notice that they have added 406 little spikes on the upper of the cleats.

These little spikes are 100% legal and add more swerve and control to every kick, pass, or shot that you make.

Even without little spikes attached to a soccer cleat, the high-quality materials used in the more expensive cleats are specifically designed to be able to achieve far superior control over the soccer ball than is possible with cheaper soccer cleats.

3. They are more comfortable to wear

reason 3 soccer cleat image

The third reason why expensive soccer cleats are worth buying is that they are simply more comfortable to wear.

I’ve worn multiple different soccer cleats over the years, and without a doubt, the ones that I went and spent more money on were far more comfortable to wear.

This mostly comes down to the fact that these soccer cleats are made out of much higher quality material that is specifically chosen to ensure as much comfort as possible for the wearer.

This is important because the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re on the soccer field is uncomfortable footwear.

Your feet are one of your most important assets in a soccer game.

You want them to be pain-free and comfortable to be able to interact with the soccer ball as you need to. If you spend the game trying to avoid kicking the ball or running too much because your feet are uncomfortable, then you’re not going to play at your full potential.

4. They are more lightweight

reason 4 soccer cleat image

Another reason for choosing more expensive soccer cleats is that they are often more lightweight than the cheaper options.

Another factor to consider when you are out on the soccer field is the extra weight you will carry on your feet.

Although it may seem a subtle difference, a small increase in weight can have a big impact over the course of a 90-minute game.

A lighter soccer cleat has multiple benefits.

  • They are less distracting as you move around the soccer field
  • They enable you to move faster
  • They enable you to turn quicker
  • They enable you to move your foot quicker when passing or shooting.

Each of these benefits on their own may not seem like much, but over the course of a game, they all add up, and if you plan to be the best player you can be, then every little bit helps.

5. They look better

reason 5 soccer cleat image

Now, this reason may seem fairly unimportant, and maybe to some people it is, but I figure that when you buy something like soccer cleats and spend a lot of money on them, you want them to look good.

What looks good to one person may not look great to another, and it is ultimately subjective, but I think you’ll agree that when you start looking at different soccer cleats, you will notice that the expensive ones usually look better than the cheaper ones.

Again, this is probably down to the fact that the more expensive soccer cleats are designed and constructed with more skill and care, and the materials used are of a much higher quality.

And when someone puts more time and skill into a product, it shows.

6. They are more durable

reason 6 soccer cleat image

Another advantage of using higher quality materials along with more advanced processes in the creation of a product is that it usually lasts a lot longer.

I know that durability is a significant consideration for me when making a purchase.

I want to know that the product I buy is going to last a reasonable amount of time and I’m not going to be back in the same position again, trying to decide what to buy a few months later.

Expensive soccer cleats are often more durable. (I say “often” here because I’m sure that there are some soccer cleats that this is not the case, but for the majority, this is true.)

Soccer cleats that are made of better materials are specifically designed to withstand the impact of being used regularly.

The impact of the soccer ball on the cleats, along with running, twisting, turning, gripping, and everything else a soccer cleat goes through in a game, has a damaging effect. But this effect will be minimized with a higher quality product.

Having purchased some expensive cleats you need to look after them well. For a detailed guide on how to look after your cleats, check out my article – How to care for your soccer cleats: Tips to make them last.

For the next five reasons, I want to describe each part of a soccer cleat and explain why the quality of each of these sections matters when choosing which soccer cleat you will purchase.

7. Higher quality upper

reason 7 soccer cleat image

The upper of a soccer cleat consists of all the material that covers the foot above the sole. With a more expensive soccer cleat, you get a higher quality upper.

Traditionally, throughout the history of soccer, all soccer cleats were made of leather.

The advantage of using leather is that, over time, it can be shaped to the foot of the wearer, and it is a strong and durable material.

However, leather can also be heavy to wear, and the extra thickness of it prevents the soccer player from really being able to feel the ball as they kick it.

Partly because of these issues, manufacturers began creating soccer cleats out of synthetic materials, and although there are still some high-quality leather soccer cleats out there, such as these ones on soccer.com, the vast majority of high-end soccer cleats these days are made from synthetic materials.

One of the key advantages of using synthetic materials for the upper is that it can be incredibly lightweight and offer much better control and feel of the soccer ball.

Most high-end soccer cleats are made of a knit material that offers a much more comfortable or “snug” fit, almost feeling as though you are wearing a comfortable pair of socks.

These uppers, made of a yarn-like material, are innovative and offer a much better experience than using a cheaper alternative.

8. Higher quality lacing

reason 8 soccer cleat image

The lacing on a soccer cleat refers to the area on the top of the foot where a shoe traditionally has the laces. With a more expensive soccer cleat, you get a higher-quality lacing.

You may have noticed that some soccer cleats have laces that look similar to any other shoe, some have laces to the side of the foot, and some soccer cleats are completely “laceless”.

The idea behind these options is to provide the best possible surface for striking the soccer ball during a game.

When you make contact with a soccer ball, you want the ball to go exactly where you intended it to go. How the laces are designed and positioned can have an impact on this.

With a more expensive soccer cleat, the laces are designed to a higher level, enabling players to achieve their aim.

On cleats where the laces are in the center, they are designed to have a minimal impact on the contact between the ball and foot.

The idea with cleats that have the laces off to the side of the soccer cleat is to provide a flat surface with no interference from the laces as the foot strikes the soccer ball, and this is also the goal of laceless soccer cleats, but the manufacturer has removed the laces altogether.

Whether you choose laces or decide to go laceless is ultimately a personal preference, but either way, you will get a better experience with an expensive soccer cleat than you will with a cheap one where the design of the lacing has not been considered in the same way.

9. Higher quality soleplate

reason 9 soccer cleat image

The soleplate is the underside of the soccer cleat where the studs are located. With an expensive soccer cleat, you get a higher-quality soleplate.

The quality of the soleplate is one of the more important parts of a soccer cleat.

Here is where the foot finds traction as you run or turn and also where a significant amount of weight is potentially added to the cleats.

The expensive soccer cleats all use much lighter materials than the cheaper ones.

Although that difference may only be a few ounces, those few ounces can make a big difference on a wet day out on the soccer field, running around for 90 minutes.

The expensive cleats also use materials for their soleplates that are more durable and flexible, allowing the player to move their foot more freely as they run or kick the ball.

The studs are also attached to the bottom of the soccer, where a player gets traction or grip as they move around the soccer field.

The expensive soccer cleats also have better and more effective studs to give the player more grip and better movement.

10. Higher quality insole

reason 10 soccer cleat image

The insole is the section directly under the wearer’s foot within the soccer cleat. With a more expensive soccer cleat, you get a higher-quality insole.

As with many types of footwear, the insole can often be removed and replaced within a soccer cleat. But with more expensive soccer cleats, you often get insoles that you won’t need to or want to remove.

This is because they are designed and created with the maximum amount of comfort and support in mind.

For the entire time you wear your soccer cleats, your foot is directly on top of the insole. Because of this, you want it to provide you with the ultimate amount of comfort throughout the game.

As I mentioned before, when you are playing a soccer game, then the last thing you want to be thinking about is an uncomfortable foot, which is often the case when you’re using a thin insole such as the ones that come in the cheaper soccer cleats.

Choosing more expensive soccer cleats will provide a much more comfortable experience in part due to a much higher quality insole.

11. Higher quality heel

reason 11 soccer cleat image

The heel of a soccer cleat is the part that surrounds and supports the wearer’s heel. With an expensive soccer cleat, you get a higher-quality heel.

A higher-quality heel consists of a molded shape that offers far greater comfort and support than the cheaper models and is more likely to be simply padded rather than molded to the shape of the wearer’s heel.

The benefit of a molded heel is that it does a much better job of keeping the wearer’s foot in place and doesn’t allow the foot to slide around inside of the shoe.

When the foot can slide around inside the soccer cleats, then the player is more likely to develop blisters and other injuries.

The heel on the cheaper soccer cleats also tends to offer far less support to the foot, reducing a player’s ability to change direction quickly or move forward instantly.

All the individual parts of a soccer cleat may seem inconsequential on their own, but together, they add up to give the wearer of the soccer cleat a far superior experience than if they were wearing cheaper soccer cleats.

My Soccer Cleat Recommendations

Now we’ve seen 11 different reasons why it’s worth the extra cost of buying expensive soccer cleats I want to give you my 3 recommendations for soccer cleats you should consider when buying.

As I mentioned before, you don’t have to purchase the most expensive cleats on the market to own a great pair of soccer cleats, but as the price drops, so does the quality of the cleats.

So my recommendation is to buy the best soccer cleats you can afford, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Let’s look at 3 different pairs of soccer cleats, starting with the highest quality ones with the highest price tag, then looking at a great pair of mid-range cleats, and finally ending with my recommendation if you’re on a smaller budget.

Best high-end soccer cleats

Top Features

  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-thin NIKESKIN overlay gives an almost barefoot feel of the ball
  • Over 280 5-star reviews

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite FG Soccer Cleat is, in my opinion, the best soccer cleat available right now.

Created with a complete wrap-around Flyknit construction, these cleats really do feel as though you are playing soccer barefoot. They are so lightweight on your foot, but despite the thinness of the upper body, they also provide solid protection against the impact of the ball in a way that many soccer cleats don’t.

They are also designed to provide maximum traction, allowing the player wearing them to run, move, twist, and turn with ease and efficiency.

Because of the high quality of the overlay and finish, these cleats also perform great in wet conditions, allowing for surprisingly good control even on a wet soccer ball.

With regards to fit, they are pretty accurate to size, not running too small or too large, but they do run a little narrow, which may be something to bear in mind if you have wider feet.

If you purchase them from soccer.com, they do offer free returns and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so it’s no real hassle to change them for a different size if your first choice doesn’t feel quite right.

If you choose these cleats, I really doubt you will be disappointed. Click on the button below to check them out on soccer.com.

Best mid-range soccer cleats

Top Features

  • Laceless
  • Gives a high level of precision when passing or shooting
  • High-quality PrimeKnit foot covering

I really like the Adidas Predator 19+ FG Soccer Cleat. They really do feel like you are getting a really high-quality soccer cleat for your money.

At around $100 cheaper than my previous recommendation, they don’t quite have the top-of-the-range high-end quality, but if you are looking for a high-quality product in the mid-range price bracket, then these cleats should make you very happy.

The Primeknit fit of these cleats really does feel like a sock on your foot. And because of that sock-like construction, the cleat naturally molds itself to the shape of your foot, giving an incredibly comfortable fit from day one.

These cleats are also completely laceless, providing the wearer with a clean, ridge-free area to strike the ball, allowing for the most accurate shooting possible.

The cleats also have a textured coating on the forefoot, allowing the wearer to have a high level of precision when passing or shooting. The midsole is designed to be especially responsive as you move around the soccer field.

These cleats are a great option for any soccer player.

With over 150 5-star reviews for these cleats on soccer.com, there are many people happy with them. Click the button below to have a look for yourself.

Best budget soccer cleats

Top Features

  • Micro-textured upper
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Laceless

The Adidas Predator 20.3 Laceless FG Soccer Cleat is my recommendation for a great soccer cleat on a budget.

Similar to my previous recommendation, this soccer cleat is laceless, providing the wearer with a snug fit as well as a smooth area to strike the soccer ball and achieve maximum accuracy.

Although made with synthetic material rather than the knit material used in more expensive cleats, these cleats are still very comfortable to wear. They may take a few times on the soccer field to fully break them in, but when you do, you will hardly notice them as they are not only comfortable but lightweight, only weighing 88oz.

The upper of the soccer cleat is micro-textured. This means that the cleats provide extra grip each time you touch the soccer ball, allowing the wearer to pass and shoot more accurately than a smooth surface would allow.

These soccer cleats are in the lower price bracket at under $100 but still provide excellent value for money. you can only stretch your budget to these, and then you will have still purchased some great soccer cleats.

Click the button below to have a look at these cleats on soccer.com.


I hope this article has helped you understand why expensive soccer cleats are worth it, as more expensive often means higher quality, which gives any soccer player a much better experience.

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