Best Soccer Cleats for Toddlers

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Choosing soccer cleats for your toddler is an important moment in parenting.

I am a dad. My eldest child has just turned 3, and my youngest is almost 18 months. So, I know what it’s like to be searching for the best soccer cleats for your toddler!

In this article, I’ll share with you the best cleats I found to help make your search easier.

The best soccer cleats for toddlers are:

  • Adidas Junior Samba Classic soccer shoe
  • Joma Toledo Junior soccer cleats
  • Vizari Blaze soccer cleats
  • Vizari Infinity soccer cleats
  • DREAM PAIRS soccer cleats

Keep reading for my detailed review of each pair of soccer cleats on this list and to find out why I believe these are the best options for your toddler and how you can get hold of them.

Do Toddlers Need Soccer Cleats?

One question that is often asked at this point is whether your toddler even needs soccer cleats. Isn’t it enough for them to simply wear “normal” shoes?

The answer to that is yes and no.

A toddler doesn’t need soccer cleats. They can enjoy playing soccer without them.

However, soccer cleats will provide a toddler with a better grip as they move around the soccer field and potentially prevent them from slipping as often.

Until a toddler can confidently walk and run around, it is probably best to avoid putting them in soccer cleats.

However, a good quality pair of soccer shoes will do just fine. (I’ve made sure to list my favorite flat-soled soccer shoes in the list below.)

When your toddler can run and move confidently, it is a good time to put them in cleats.

Soccer cleats provide much better grip and traction for your toddler as they move around the soccer field.

This can potentially make them much more stable on their feet and prevent them from spending more time on their faces than on their feet! Especially if the ground is a little slippery.

I know for me right now, with my kids, I am happy to put my eldest in cleats as she is very confident running around, but with my youngest, I prefer to keep in a standard style shoe for now as she gains more confidence in her movement.

One of the most important things to consider when buying cleats for your toddler is how comfortable they are. [source]

This is why I have only listed soccer cleats that I believe are of high quality and carefully manufactured to give your toddler the maximum comfort for their feet. As their feet grow and develop, it is important to look after them.

List of the Best Soccer Cleats for Toddlers

Most of the cleats on this list are available on the dedicated soccer website I’ve given a link to each product at the end of each recommendation. They are also available on Amazon, and I have linked to them on Amazon where appropriate.

If you’ve not used or heard of before, I would encourage you to try them out, as this family-owned business offers some great prices and offers and delivery options.

The advantage of being a soccer-only retailer is that they are dedicated to the sport and know what their customers need and want.

Once you’ve decided on the cleats you want check out my article – Soccer Equipment for Toddlers – for my recommendations on the other gear you should get hold of to help your toddler really enjoy playing.

1. Adidas Junior Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

You’ll notice that my first recommendation for soccer cleats doesn’t actually have cleats!

I wanted to show you my top recommendation for a flat-soled soccer shoe first for those of you who would prefer these to cleats. My next three recommendations are all cleats if you want to jump to number 2!

For those of you still interested in soccer shoes rather than soccer cleats, this is, in my opinion, the best option you will find.

The Adidas Junior Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe is described as an indoor shoe but performs really well on a firm outdoor surface as well. (If your toddler is out on a soft, wet, or muddy soccer field, then I’m afraid most flat-bottom shoes are going to offer only a little grip.)

These shoes feel like a great product as soon as you pick them up or wear them. They have a high-quality leather upper with a suede overlay that offers flexible but sturdy and durable protection for your toddler’s foot.

They also come with a comfortable, cushioned insole that is removable if you prefer to add your own one.

These shoes are beautifully designed, look great, and would be a great option for your toddler.

Check out the reviews for them on Amazon here, or click the button below to check the price on

2. Joma Toledo Junior FG Firm Ground Soccer Cleat

The Joma Toledo Junior FG Firm Ground soccer cleats are a great-looking pair of cleats that can be used by both boys and girls.

They are lightweight and are made of a flexible, high-quality Fibertec material that is designed to mold itself to the shape of the foot and offer a high level of comfort.

The heel of the soccer clear also provides a high level of protection and comfort for your toddler as they play.

One thing I really like about these cleats is that they are designed to be comfortable straight away.

Many cleats can take a bit of time to “break-in” and become comfortable on the foot, but these ones skip that stage of the process and are great from day one!

These are available on, and you can go straight to the product page there by clicking on the button below.

3. Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Cleat

The Vizari Blaze FG Soccer cleats are not only a great quality pair of cleats, but they look incredible as well, with the flames running down the side of the shoe! Your toddler will love running around in these while being chased by the flames!

Vizari may not be a familiar name to you, but if you look at the hundreds of reviews for these cleats on Amazon here, you’ll see that they come very highly recommended.

These soccer cleats run a little wider than a lot of soccer cleats for their size, which is good as many cleats can feel snug and tight on the foot at first. Although they often loosen up as they mold to the shape of the wearer’s foot.

The reason cleats often run narrow or tight is to keep the foot steady and prevent it from sliding around in the shoe. But the fact that these cleats run a little wider than most means they are more comfortable for your toddler from the first time they wear them.

These cleats are well made, durable, and offer a high level of protection for the foot.

Check them out on Amazon by clicking the button below.

4. Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat

Another pair of Vizari soccer cleats make it onto this list because they offer an extensive range of high-quality, affordable soccer cleats in a toddler size, whereas many companies don’t.

This time, it’s the Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat.

Similar to the previous soccer cleat recommendation, these cleats are well made, durable, and comfortable to wear, but these have one significant extra feature. The lining is manufactured to hold its shape for longer than other cleats. This means that the cleats should, theoretically, last much longer and support your toddler’s foot for longer.

These cleats are also waterproof, keeping your toddler’s feet dry as they wear them, even on rainy days or during early morning games where the grass is still wet.

These cleats come in a range of colors, including blue, orange, green, or black, so whatever your child’s preference, you can probably find the color of cleats you want.

Click the button below to check out these cleats on Amazon.

5. DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Cleats

The last pair of recommended cleats for toddlers on my list are the DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Cleats.

These cleats are a little different than the rest on this list in the way they are designed. As you will have noticed in the images above, they have a sock part that wraps around the ankle, offering much more ankle support and stability than many other soccer cleats.

The reviews on Amazon for these cleats (you can see the reviews by clicking here) make it clear that many people love these cleats, and most find them exceptionally comfortable to wear.

Although the brand Dream Pairs may be unfamiliar to you, they do produce great, high-quality soccer cleats for toddlers, and they have a wide variety of different colors and designs for these cleats. If you take a look at them, I’m sure you’ll find a color and design that will perfectly suit your toddler.

Click on the button below to have a look at these cleats on Amazon.


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