Best Soccer Balls

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Choosing the Best Soccer Ball for You

If you’ve spent any time looking to buy a soccer ball you will know that there are a ton of different options out there.

Different sizes, different colors, different weights, different makes, and even different shapes (check out this glow in the dark soccer ball here)!

My aim with this page is to make the process of choosing a soccer ball easier for you.

Where to Buy a Soccer Ball

With all my recommendations I link to the product on the website and on because everyone knows them and many people are more comfortable buying from them. because there’s nothing like using a specialized soccer website to buy a soccer product and in my opinion, is one of the best soccer-specific retailers out there.

Not only are experts in this area but they offer a huge range of products, quick shipping, easy returns, and great sales.

My recommendation is that you have a look at, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Here are my recommendations:

Top of the Range Recommendation

If you are willing to purchase the best soccer ball out there then you should look no further than the Adidas MLS Pro Official Match Soccer Ball.

Not only is it good enough to be the official game ball for the 2020-21 MLS season and approved by FIFA (the international governing body of soccer) but it is just a great ball to play with.

It looks great, it’s perfectly made, and is incredibly responsive to what you want it to do.

To check the Adidas MLS Pro Official Match Soccer Ball out on the website click here

To check this ball out on Amazon click on this link.

Mid Range Recommendation

If you’re looking to spend less money than you would for a top of the range ball, but still want a great ball I would recommend the Select Royale Soccer Ball.

Hand-stitched and expertly crafted this ball was specifically made for high friction to give players the best grip on the ball, good control to be able to use the ball as you want, and a straight flight to be able to play the ball around the soccer field exactly as you want.

Coming with a 3-year warranty, this ball feels great to kick around. The high quality of it makes it highly durable as well.

This would be a great purchase.

To check out the price for the Select Royale Soccer Ball on the website click here

To check out the price on Amazon for the Select Royale Soccer Ball click here

Low Range Recommendation

If you are just looking for a basic soccer ball to kick around in your back yard or just use occasionally and don’t want to spend too much money then I can recommend the Nike Strike Premier League Soccer Ball.

Although it is at the lower end it is a soccer ball that is still great looking, durable and fun to play with.

It is carefully designed for kicking accuracy and control and it will be great to kick around with friends and family.

Go to the website by clicking here and check out the Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball

Check it out the Nike Premier League Strike Soccer Ball on Amazon by clicking here