Best Soccer Goals

best soccer goals

On this page, I’ll be sharing my recommendation for the best soccer goal to use in your backyard or to use recreationally with your friends.

If you are interested in buying a high quality, full-size, semi-permanent soccer goal to use in competitive games then check out this one on Amazon. It is a solid and durable goal that comes with a net and ground sockets to easily place and remove the goal as needed.

Having your own goal in the backyard to use as you kick a ball around on your own or with friends makes playing soccer so much more fun.

I remember playing soccer growing up. Most of the time we had to use whatever we could find to make goalposts. Sometimes we’d use a spare item of clothing, sometimes we’d use water bottles and sometimes we’d just push a stick into the ground. However, there was nothing like the occasions when we were able to use a real goal.

It made us feel like we were suddenly real soccer players playing for the best teams. There is nothing quite the same as the feeling of scoring a goal when you have a real soccer goal and you can see the goal net ripple as the ball hits it.

(It also saved us a lot of time from running after the ball as it rolled into the distance after we had scored a goal!)

If you are still unsure whether it’s worth buying a goal to use, take my advice and go for it! In my experience, it is more than worth it.

Where to buy a soccer goal

With all my recommendations I link to the product on the website and on because everyone knows them and many people are more comfortable buying from them. because there’s nothing like using a specialized soccer website to buy a soccer product and in my opinion, is one of the best soccer-specific retailers out there.

Not only are experts in this area but they offer a huge range of products, quick shipping, easy returns, and great sales.

They even have a few physical stores you can visit if you prefer.

My recommendation is that you have a look at, but ultimately the choice is yours.

My Recommendation for the Best Soccer Goal

My recommendation for the best soccer goal you should buy is the Kwik Goal Flex Soccer Goal.

This goal which measures 6 ½ foot (2m) x 12 foot (3.7m) is the perfect size for a backyard. It’s not so big that it takes up too much room, but it’s also big enough that it feels like a goal on a soccer field.

Being made out of metal and fiberglass, it’s strong and durable enough to cope with the ball hitting it multiple times a day and can stand strong in all sorts of weather.

It’s really easy to assemble and put away again, and weighing only 30lbs (13kgs) it’s light enough to transport easily.

Go ahead and buy this goal and you’ll be enjoying scoring goals in it in no time!

Go to website now by clicking on this link and check the price for yourself.

If you prefer to purchase through Amazon click on this link to go straight to the Amazon page for this goal.