17 Ideas for Old Soccer Jerseys: Re-purpose or Re-Use

Over the years, I’ve acquired multiple soccer jerseys. They can easily take up too much room in a drawer or wardrobe somewhere and never get worn. So, what is the best thing to do with an old soccer jersey? It would seem a waste to throw it out, right?

The best thing to do with an old soccer jersey is to transform it into something else worthwhile. There are multiple ways you can do this, and they all allow you to continue enjoying the jersey for years to come.

I’ve put together a list of 17 different things to do with an old soccer jersey. Many of these involve kicking your creative side into gear, but don’t worry if you’re not overly creative! There are options for you also!

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1. Frame it

This is my first suggestion because it’s one of my favorites.

Most people have a soccer jersey that is significant to them in some way. Maybe they wore it while playing for their college team. Maybe they bought it to support their favorite team. Or maybe they were given it by an important person in their life.

What ever the reason is, there is the possibility that you don’t want to part with your soccer jersey. It just needs to be re-purposed.

To acknowledge the importance of a specific soccer jersey consider having it framed or framing it yourself.

This video below is a great introduction to how to frame a sports jersey yourself.

How to frame a Sports Jersey
Framing a soccer jersey

Having a framed soccer jersey on the wall of your house is also a really interesting conversation starter.

You’ll find that most people are interested in the significance of the jersey on your wall and why you choose to frame it.

Impress them with the experiences you had while wearing that jersey!

If you are interested in finding out why players trade jerseys at the end of a game, check out my article – Why Soccer Players Exchange Jerseys.

2. Create a patch for a bag with it

You’ve probably seen those people who carry around bags that are covered in patches.

Those patches tell a story.

They reference places those people have visited, experiences they’ve had and memories they’ve created.

Why not turn the soccer team’s badge or crest on the jersey you own into a patch for a bag. And it doesn’t have to be your bag. It could be your child’s bag or you could gift it to a friend that you know would appreciate it.

Using your old soccer jersey to create a patch for a bag is a way to add style and interest to a bag as well as creatively re-using old clothing you have.

DIY | How to Make Professional Patches.

3. Create a bag

While we’re talking about bags, another option of something to do with an old soccer jersey is to create an entire bag from it.

If you haven’t seen this done before, it may sound crazy, but it can actually be a great idea.

Not only do you get to enjoy using that specific jersey for longer but you also create something that is useful. If you wanted you could also carry your current soccer jerseys in the bag you made out of the old jersey!

The easiest way to create a bag from a soccer jersey is:

  1. Cut of the arms of the jersey
  2. Sew up the remaining arm holes and the neck hole.
  3. Sew one or two handles onto the bottom of the jersey, where it would normally sit on your waist if you were wearing it.
  4. Test it out to make sure it works and the sewing is secure.

This is a basic technique, but if you’re looking for more creative options, you have find a ton on Pinterest.

4. Donate it

You may have already considered this option. It’s often one of the first options that comes to peoples minds. But let me briefly explain why this may be an even better idea than you realized.

Donating clothing you no longer need can be hugely rewarding. Not only do you get the privilege and joy of providing someone in need with an item of clothing they need or desire, but they also get a soccer jersey that they may otherwise never have had the opportunity to own.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to donate it through the US Soccer Foundation’s Passback scheme.

Passback collects and redistributes soccer equipment to children in underserved communities who love the sport but don’t have the resources to play”

US Soccer Foundation

You can find out more on their website here if you are interested in this option.

5. Sell it

If you are unsure about donating your old soccer jersey, or you simply could do with some extra cash, then selling the jersey could be a great option.

Many people are actively looking for specific jersey’s to add to their collection or just to wear themselves.

The beauty of this option is that it also gives you some extra money to go towards your next jersey!

You don’t need me to tell you that you can sell your jersey in any of the usual places from online to a flea market down the street from where you live.

If you wanted you could use a website such as sidelineswap.com. A website dedicated specifically to athletes selling their gear.

6. Recycle the jersey

Before moving on to some more creative options again, I just want to suggest one more option that involves no longer owning the jersey in any way.

Because the reality is that sometimes you just want the item out of your house or possession.

If you don’t think you can sell your jersey (or don’t want the hassle), and you aren’t looking to donate it, then you could still consider recycling it.

It’s estimated that 11,150 tons of textile waste end up in landfills each year. [source]

We don’t need to increase that number in anyway!

There are a number of different ways you can recycle old jerseys or any old clothes. And some of them may even become part of new soccer jerseys. For instance, Nike claims that 75 percent of their shoes and apparel contain recycled material.

The easiest way to do this is to locate a textile donation near to you. You may already be aware of one, but if not there are maps online, such as this one of NYC, that can help you find one close to where you live.

7. Create a scarf

Having listed some options of ways to give your old soccer jersey away, lets get back to some more creative ways of re-using that old jersey.

Scarves are almost synonymous with soccer. For decades people have brought scarves to soccer games to proudly display their support for their team while also providing a way for them to stay warm during the cold months of the year.

Check out this video below for a guide on how to make a scarf from an old jersey.

Learn How to Make Infinity Scarf | No Sew T Shirt Scarf Ideas

8. Make a Headband

Another great option for a practical use for your old soccer jersey is to transform it into a headband.

A is not only great for keeping long hair out of your face, but is also perfect for holding back the sweat as you keep playing soccer.

And if you have the right jersey, you can even make a headband that matches with your current soccer jersey!

This video below is a great guide on how to do this.

DIY: 3 ways to make stylish headbands from old T-shirts

9. Create New Shoelaces

Shoelaces are useful for almost everyone. I could almost guarantee you own at least one pair of shoes that need shoelaces!

Why not repurpose your old soccer jersey into shoelaces?

They may not be ideal for your soccer cleats(!) but could be perfect next time you head out to watch a soccer game.

To make a shoelace from an old jersey:

  • First, decide what length of shoelace you want. The easiest way to do this is to measure the one already in the shoe.
  • Next, cut a small strip of the jersey to the length you want the shoelace to be.
  • Then thread them through the eyelets in your shoe. To make this easier, you can purchase some heat shrink tubing such as this one from Amazon. They create the hard end of the shoelaces.

If you do decide to create some shoelaces, you soon realize that it is a fairly simple and straight forward way to upcycle that soccer jersey. And one jersey will provide you with plenty of material for multiple shoes. Should you wish to use it for that!

10. Transform it into a Pillow

This is one that I really like, as it gives you the opportunity to keep your teams jersey close to you even when you sleep!

Just make sure that if you are going to turn it into a pillow you sleep on you make sure it’s really clean before you start. The last thing you want as you lay down to sleep is the lingering smell of sweat from your last soccer game!

How To Turn a Tee Into a Throw Pillow | Tee Reconstruction

As you can see from the video above, turning a jersey into a pillow can turn out really well. It also creates a great talking point whenever anyone sees it in your house.

11. Turn it into a Dog Toy

Anyone who owns a dog knows how much their dog loves playing with a toy.

If you want your dog to get the chance to enjoy the jersey as much as you once did then this could be a perfect choice.

Just remember that this option isn’t for anyone who doesn’t want their old jersey ruined. Depending on your dog, this option could give your jersey a quick, but hopefully enjoyable(for your dog!) end.

This option is only if you don’t care much for the jersey!

Here’s a helpful guide on how to do this.

12. Make a Quilt

Quilts are an age old solution of what to do with old material. For centuries people have created quilts from scraps of textiles. You could join in this tradition!

Now to create a full-size quilt you will need more material than is available in just one single soccer jersey. But if you have other material lying around, or more than one soccer jersey, then this option could work great.

This could also be a great gift for a soccer lover in your life!

Check out this guide on how to make one if you’re interested.

13. Make a Rug with it

Similar to quilts, a rug is another great way to re-purpose those old t-shirts or jersey’s that you have lying around.

This one also is ideal if you have a collection of old soccer jersey’s rather than just one, as making a rug requires a significant amount of material.

Have a look at this guide for information on how to make one. OR check out the video below.

How to Make A Braided T-shirt Rug

14. Create a Stuffed Toy

This one is an incredible option for any child you have in your life.

I personally have two daughters under the age of 4, and they both love stuffed toys! If you want to get your kids (or someone else’s!) into soccer, given them a stuffed toy made out of an old soccer jersey is a great way to keep soccer at the forefront of their minds!

This option is a little more complicated than some of the other ones and takes some technical skill, but if you’re already skilled in this area or willing to learn then this should be achievable for you.

15. Make a Necklace

A necklace is a great accessory that adds style and interest to what you are wearing in any situation.

If you are dedicated to soccer or know someone else that is, then why not use that old soccer jersey to create a necklace?

If nothing else it would be perfect to wear to the next soccer game you’re attending or watching.

Have a look at these instructions on how to create a necklace.

16. Turn it into a Towel

This one is a little more unusual but can make sense to do.

Towels can often be very generic and have little about them that provides any interest. Well you can change that!

How about making your own towel? This is an option that I had only come across recently, but is a simple way to add interest to your bathroom towel selection

If you have the right soccer jersey made out of the right type of material, then apparently drying your hair this way can give you smoother hair than you would have had otherwise.

I guess the only way is to be sure is to give it ago and be aware that everyone’s hair is different. What works for one person may not work for another.

17. Make New Place Mats

Lastly, you could consider using the old soccer jersey to make a selection of placemats for your table at home.

If you have a selection of different jerseys or t-shirts you would add a lot of interest and color to your meal times.

Just be careful if you have kids, as you may find them fighting over who gets to use which placemat!

Check out the video below for a guide on how to make them.

T-Shirt Yarn Placemats


I hope this article has given you plenty of idea about what to do with that old soccer jersey.

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