Buying a Soccer Jersey: A Complete Guide

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Owning a soccer jersey is a necessity for any soccer fan. When you decide to buy one, you want to choose one that is the correct size and one that you love the look of. I’ve worn many different soccer jersey’s over the years, and I want to share with you what you should consider when buying a soccer jersey.

The soccer jersey you buy should:

  • Be a comfortable size for you to wear
  • Have a design you like the look of 
  • Be a team that you support or are happy to support

There are hundreds of different soccer jerseys you could choose from when buying one. In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know before buying one and recommend the best place to purchase one from.

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Soccer Jersey Size Guide

The first thing to think about is what size jersey you need.

what size soccer jersey should I buy?

The size of soccer jersey you should buy will be the same size as a t-shirt you already own and are comfortable wearing. To confirm this size, take your upper body measurements and see what size soccer jersey category you fit into.

When you are deciding what soccer jersey to buy, you should choose one that feels comfortable to wear. What feels comfortable to you will depend on the look of the jersey as well as the size of it.

In fact, knowing the size of the jersey that will fit you best is going to be vital for you to feel comfortable wearing your new soccer jersey. I can tell you from experience that wearing an oversized or undersized jersey can sometimes make you feel a little ridiculous!

Thankfully soccer jersey sizes are roughly similar to the size of any t-shirt you may purchase. If you choose a jersey that is the same size as a t-shirt you already own that you are comfortable in, then you will probably be happy with your choice.

To be sure of your choice, you may want to take your upper body measurements and see what size category you fit into.

Have a look at the soccer jersey size guide I put together in this image below.

Soccer jersey size guide for men, women, and youth
Soccer Jersey Size Chart for Adults and Youth

Find the size category you fit into based on your measurements and then select that size when choosing your jersey.

One thing to be aware of if you choose to buy an authentic jersey rather than a replica is that authentic jerseys tend to be a little tighter around the torso. But we’ll look at the reason for this in the Authentic Vs Replica section of this article below.

For a more in-depth look at the sizing of soccer jerseys, take a look at this video. The two hosts compare the sizes of international jerseys from the Russia 2018 World Cup.

World Cup Jersey Sizing Guide soccer jersey size guide 2018 world cup

Choose a Design You Like

Once you are confident about what size jersey you need, you need to decide on a style or design that you like. Whatever jersey you choose to wear, everyone is going to notice. You need to be happy to be seen in it!

Now, if you are a hardcore supporter of one specific team, then your only choice may be between that team’s home or away jersey.  (Although some teams do have a training jersey option to choose from as well. For example, the US Men and Women’s national teams have training jerseys you can buy on You can check out the men’s one here or the women’s here.)

Proudly wear the colors of your team! The majority of people you will see wearing a soccer jersey are wearing the jersey of the team they support.

If, however, you are open about what team’s jersey you buy, then there is a wide variety of options available to you.

On some level, your choice of jersey is going to come down to your subjective opinion of what you like and what you’re happy to wear. But as you’re here, I’m guessing you’re willing to listen to some suggestions about the jersey you should buy!

My Design Recommendations

My recommendations based on style and design would be one of the following…

Inter Milan

Inter Milan has been one of the top soccer teams in the world for a long time now. Their jersey not only looks great, but you’ll be supporting a top team as well. Check it out the men’s option on here and the women’s here.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is another top name in world soccer. Their dominance on and off the field goes all the way back to the 1950s when the great Alfredo Di Stefano played for them. Their home jersey is a simple yet stylish white jersey with black on the shoulders, and their third choice jersey is minty green and looks great!

You can check out the home jersey on here or their third one here.

Bayern Munich

German team Bayern Munich has dominated German soccer for years and had some great jersey’s during that time. This third choice jersey for their team is one of the best. Check out this jersey on here.

Los Angeles FC

Los Angeles FC has one of the most stylish soccer jerseys in the MLS. This would be a great option for casual wear or for getting out on the soccer field and playing a game. Check it out on here.

Choosing a Soccer Team’s Jersey

The third thing you should consider when deciding on a soccer jersey is what soccer team you will be representing and promoting to the world!

Now, it’s possible that for some of you this part won’t matter so much and that’s OK! If that’s you, just jump to the next section to find out where I recommend getting a soccer jersey from.

But if you’re someone who wants to wear the jersey of a team that has a connection or some sort of meaning to you, then there are three options you could choose from here.

  1. Choose the jersey of a team that is geographically local to you
  2. Choose the jersey of your national team
  3. Choose the jersey of a team that you have heard about or seen, and you like what they are about.

Choosing the jersey of a team that is geographically local to you is a helpful way to narrow down your selection. Most people feel some sort of connection to their local area, and this is a great way to promote that.

Have a look around your area to see what teams play near where you live.

Another option is to select the jersey of your national team. Every country in the world is represented in soccer by a team made up of players from that nation. If you feel any sort of national pride, why not check out the soccer jersey for your national team.

The third option is to think about any team that has stood out to you in the past.

Maybe you saw some highlights of a team playing, and you loved what you saw. Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about another team that you thought sounded interesting and want to find out more. Or maybe you know of a popular team, and you want to get hold of their jersey to wear.

Whatever it is, if there’s a team that you know about and feel good about, then consider checking out their team jersey.

Two of the most popular teams in the world right now are:

  • Barcelona (you can find their jersey on here)
  • and Liverpool (you can see their jersey on here)

Where You Should Buy a Soccer Jersey

At this point, you hopefully have a better idea about the type of soccer jersey you want to buy, but you still need to know where to get one from.

The best place to buy a soccer jersey is from the online soccer retailer They are a family-owned business that has well over a thousand different jerseys to choose from. And many come in a wide range of different sizes to ensure everyone can get the size they need.

I highly recommend using an online retailer rather than a physical store for purchasing a soccer jersey. The advantage of an online retailer is that the price of the jersey is usually more competitive, and they often have a far more extensive range of options to choose from. usually offers free shipping for products through the use of one of their coupons that you can find by clicking this link here.

And if you use the “soccer jersey size guide” I provided above, you should get an appropriate size jersey first time, but if you don’t like the fit, then it’s real easy to return the jersey and replace it with another one.

Another advantage of using to order a jersey is that they offer customization on almost every jersey they sell. That means you can get the name and number of your favorite player printed on the back! Alternatively, you can get your name and favorite number printed on it or the name of a friend if you want to get a jersey for someone as a gift.

Click here or on the button below to go straight to the soccer jersey page on and choose the jersey you want! There is a wide range of options to choose from, and I’m sure there will be one that catches your eye!

Buy it now, and you could be wearing it in just a few short days from now!

Authentic Vs Replica Soccer Jersey

When purchasing a new soccer jersey, it is also worth considering if you want to get an authentic jersey or a replica. Most soccer retailers offer both options, so it’s worth knowing the difference between the two.

The difference between authentic and replica soccer jerseys is that authentic jerseys are designed to be worn by a player during a soccer game, and replica jerseys are designed to be worn outside of a soccer game.

Authentic jerseys tend to be designed to optimize a player’s performance on the soccer field and include features such as:

  • A tighter fit around the torso
  • Higher quality materials and design
  • More lightweight and less stitching

Buying an authentic soccer jersey is worth it if you want the highest quality product available, or you plan on playing soccer in the jersey. Authentic soccer jerseys are designed with the needs of the soccer player in mind.

Despite the multiple advantages of authentic jerseys, a replica can still be a great option for many people. In fact, fashion magazine GQ even recommends that if you are going to buy a soccer jersey, you should get a replica rather than the authentic version! [source]

One of their main arguments is that most of us can’t pull off the extreme form-fitting design that authentic jerseys have as most of us aren’t professional athletes with highly toned bodies!

If you intend to wear your jersey casually mostly, then the replica is probably your best option. You don’t need all the additional features that an authentic jersey offers.

The replica options still look great and are fantastic to wear. Most of the jerseys I’ve owned over the years have been replicas.

Bear these things in mind when you are choosing the jersey you want to buy.

A replica soccer jersey is a better option if:

  • You don’t plan on playing soccer in it regularly
  • If you want a more “comfortable” fit

An authentic soccer jersey would be a better option if:

  • You do plan on playing soccer in the jersey
  • You prefer a more “fitted” look
  • You want the highest quality option available regarding materials and design

For more info on the differences between an authentic and replica soccer jersey, check out this video below.

Authentic vs Replica Soccer Jerseys - Key Differences Explained | 2019-20 Edition
Key differences between Authentic and Replica Soccer Jerseys

Conclusion and Recommendations

I hope this guide to buying a soccer jersey has been helpful to you!

If you’re still unsure what to get, click here to head over to and start looking through your options. Whatever jersey you decide to go for will be the right one for you!

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